Ear Chains

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Champaswaralu With Kemp Stones

Rs. 1,295.00
Brand: Lumibella Fashion Model No: LBRA36-K Material: Ear chain a popular bridal accessory has been in usage since ancient times. Champaswaralu With Kemp Stones has pear designs studded with sparkling ruby  and...
Peacock Matte Ear Chains

Peacock Matte Ear Chains

Rs. 1,195.00
Brand: Lumibella Fashion Model No: LBMF-53-M Material:  Ear chains are one such jewel for hair that brings a girl the most classic style she deserves! Peacock Matte Ear Chains has peacock designs...

Floral Ear Chain With Pearls

Rs. 1,195.00
Brand: Lumibella Fashion Model No: LBMF-44-NS Material: Every girl fantasizes about becoming a lovely bride, and a key element in hair accessories to achieve the bridal look. Ear chains are one such...