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Brand: Lumibella Fashion

Model No: LBRA-11-1


For a long time, the maang tikka was only meant to cover the 6th chakra on the forehead. According to yogic teachings, this chakra, known as the ajna, is the seat of wealth or knowledge. This would be the point where the kundalini energy was modulated.

As a result, married women often wear a bindi on their foreheads at this time. The bindi was worn so that women could maintain their power in the face of physical changes that might occur during childbirth and motherhood. The mang tikka has a long and illustrious past, with famous Rajasthan queens wearing it during traditional and bridal occasions.

One of the primary reasons for the introduction of different patterns and designs in mang tikka creations is the rapidly changing trends in the Indian fashion industry. It has prized and semi-precious gemstones embedded in it, giving it a more luxurious appearance. 

These gemstones come in a variety of colours, allowing you to match your jewellery to your outfit. Maang Tika is made up of a chain-like design with a pendant on one end and a hook from the other which is firmly pinned to the hair. For fashion jewellery app reach Lumibella Fashion

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Certainly! We offer a variety of Maangtikka styles and designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary, to suit diverse preferences and occasions. Whether you prefer intricate floral motifs, minimalist designs, or elaborate bridal Maangtikkas, we have options to elevate your ensemble with elegance and grace. Explore our collection to find the perfect Maangtikka for your unique style.

Contact us via WhatsApp for available options. We're here to assist you with your inquiries.

Certainly! We offer versatile Maangtikka designs blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary elements, perfect for various occasions and styles. Whether you seek classic elegance or modern flair, our collection caters to your diverse preferences, ensuring you find the ideal Maangtikka to complement any ensemble.

Absolutely! We offer personalized styling recommendations to complement your Maangtikka with other jewelry pieces, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious ensemble.Whether you're pairing it with earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, our expert guidance helps you achieve a polished and stunning look for any occasion.

Yes, we offer Maangtikka options specifically designed for children and teenagers, featuring delicate designs and smaller sizes for a perfect fit. These charming pieces are crafted with comfort and style in mind, ideal for special occasions or everyday wear.Explore our collection to find the perfect Maangtikka for young fashion enthusiasts.