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Simple Nethichutti With Gold Polish

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Brand: Lumibella Fashion 

Product Description:

Material: Gold Plating on brass and alloy base material. Faux semi-precious stones and pearls are embellished.

Sku: LBMF18925


Product details:

Style 1

Weight: 6 grams

Measurement: 9.5 cm long with pendant. The pendant width is 2.1 cm.

Style 2

Weight: 8 grams

Measurement: 7.7 cm long with pendant. The pendant width is 2.8 cm.

Style 3

Weight: 9 grams

Measurement: 10.5 cm long with pendant. The pendant width is 3cms.

Price: Rs. 895

Simple Nethichutti with Gold Polish Style 1 features floral patterns encircled by zircon stones and studded with ruby stones. The base is adorned with ruby hangings. Style 2 features oval designs studded with bluestone in the center and surrounded by zircon stones. Bluestones hang from the base.

 Floral and oval patterns are engraved on Style 3. A ruby is set in the center of the floral pattern, which is surrounded by zircon stones. Shiny ruby stones are etched in the center of the oval pattern, which is surrounded by gleaming zircon stones. Style 4 features an emerald stone in the center, surrounded by zircons. As hangings, the base has an emerald-fixed oval design.

Customers who order over 3,000 rupees will receive their product as soon as possible. This product is offered in all Indian states for purchase. It is delivered by DTDC, Expressbees, and Indian Postal Service.


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