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When worn with additional earrings, an ear cuff is a great way to achieve the adorned ear style. Ear cuffs, which are meant to hug the curve on the outside edge of your ear, come in a variety of forms and sizes, but one constant is that they usually don't require any piercing. When donning an ear cuff, there is no inconvenience. 

You won't have to bother about tending for a piercing, so you may switch up your look as much as you like. The size of your ear cuffs will also influence how you use them. It is more of a question of personal taste than anything else. A wider ear cuff may feel more at ease for an everyday appearance or something more informal, but a smaller cuff may feel more confident for a daily outfit or something more informal.

Importance of Earcuff in wedding:

An actual ear cuff is one that is noticeable and covers your full ear. On their wedding day, the majority of South Indian brides wear elegant ear cuffs. Women today adore and wear designer replica jewellery because of the variety of designs and patterns available as well as the fact that it flawlessly matches the intended attire for every event and complements their great personalities. When worn for formal occasions, the ear cuff is stylishly crafted to make you radiate regal sentiments.

1.Peacock Matte Large Jhumka Earrings at Rs. 2,450

Peacock Matte Large Jhumka Earrings has elegant dancing peacock motif in its center. It is enclosed by circle patterns studded with green stones. Outer layer has pear designs separated from each other by circle designs.

Pear designs are bedecked with glittering ruby stones. Circle designs are festooned with green stones. It is connected to a jhumka and has a layer of ruby stone followed by green stones. The base of the Jhumka is decorated with gold bead clusters.

2.Peacock Style Earcuff Jhumki With Pearls - Large Size at Rs. 2,095

The top and bottom of this lovely ear cuff temple jewellery have peacock motifs. A dome-shaped pattern and pearl hangings adorn the bottom part.

A peacock sits on the bark of a tree and is surrounded by layers of Rubies on the top. These earrings are best worn with a classic outfit. It's appropriate for women of all ages. It's light and easy to wear.

3.Real Kemp Big Jhumki Earrings at Rs.2,255

Kemp jewels have been passed down for years, and now they are back in style with new fashions. Kemp gems are a fantastic complement to traditional apparel like sarees, churidars, and lehengas. Dancers and other creative artists adore the mix of Kemp stones and beads because they look well with ethnic attire.

Kemp earrings have amazing peacock motifs on the attaching section. The Peacock Montiff is encrusted with rubies and green stones. On the jhumki area, there are layers of brilliant rubies and green stones carved. A pearl cluster at the base adds elegance. On festival days, this outfit is perfect.

4.Kemp Big Jhumki With Attached Mattal at Rs. 2,197

The bottom of this lovely Jhumka features a floral motif. Greenstone is set in the centre, with gold bead hangings below. A peacock design encrusted with rubies and greenstone adorns the top, while gold bead hangings adorn the bottom.

The top is embellished with a pearl bead. It's appropriate for ethnic dress.

5. Earcuff Kemp Style at Rs. 1,295

Leaf-like designs adorn Earcuff Kemp Style. Ruby, green, and zircon stones are arranged in leaf-like designs. It's connected to a jumbled design with gleaming ruby stones adorning the bottom.

It has a gold pearl and green bead connection. These earrings go great with sarees, salwars, Lehengas, and Kurtis, among other traditional outfits.

6. Earcuff Heavy Jhumkis at Rs. 2,555

Leaf motifs adorn the top of Earcuff Heavy Jhumkis. It rests atop a Lakshmi image reclining on a lotus and is encrusted with ruby, green, and zircon stones.

It's attached to a jhumka with ruby and green stones carved on it. The jhumka's base is embellished with pearl clusters. For classical dancers, it is a lovely ornament.

7. Peacock Ear cuff Real Kemp Jhumki Earrings at Rs. 2,095

Real Kemp Jhumki Earrings with Peacock Ear Cuff. The peacock design on this ear cuff Jhumki earring is stunning. In the eyes of the spectator, this masterpiece is a joy. The peacock's eyes are encrusted with gleaming Ruby. Small circular rubies and green stones are engraved into the feathers.

A pearl is encrusted on the top section of the feather. A Jhumka hanging with layers encrusted with white and ruby stones hangs below the peacock pattern. Pearl hangings adorn the jhumkaa's base. It's best to pair it with ethnic clothing. It's perfect for festivals like weddings and engagements.

8. Ethnic Gold Finish Earcuff Earrings at Rs. 2,555 

Ethnic Gold Finish Earcuff Earrings has floral pattern in the center and is encircled by green and zircon stones.  On top of it are leaf patterns studded with shiny ruby stones.

It is separated from each other by zircon stones. Bottom has jhumka with Goddess Lakshmi image engraved on it and its base is decorated with pearl hangings.

9. Kemp Earcuff Jhumkis at Rs. 2,295

Kemp Earcuff Jhumki is encrusted with dazzling ruby stones and has a gorgeous peacock motif carved on it.

It is connected to a ruby-studded jhumka. Pearl hangings are hung from the base. On festival occasions, it looks great with traditional attire.

10. Matte Jhumkas With Chain at Rs. 1,995 buy -

Floral and pear motifs adorn Matte Jhumkas With Chain. Greenstone is used to accent the flowery motif. Green and ruby stones are carved into pear shapes.

The jhumka's base is embellished with gold pearl hangings. It is a nice accent to go with your traditional attire.

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