What are chandbali ? Latest chandbali earrings designs 2023?

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Earrings are a classic piece of jewelry that women can wear just about anywhere. They have a classy look which can make you look better right away. You can find a wide range of these kinds of jewelry online. For big events and festivals, you can wear a piece of jewelry that stands out. You can wear earrings like jhumkas, chandbalis, and hoops with your lehengas, salwars, and sarees to make them look nice.

chandbali earrings

Women's earrings could really make their faces look more beautiful and shaped, give them a fresh look, and add to their style. Every day, new styles of earrings for girls come out on the market, and it can be tiring to go from store to store looking for the perfect pair. The best options available are imitation jewellery which can offer attractive jewellery options at affordable cost.

What are chandbali ? 

Chandbali means "moon earring" in English, so that should give you a big hint about where to look for such designs. Even though the hoops are round, the bottom part is heavy and is made to look like a crescent moon. There are a lot of other designs added to this moon, like jhumkas, pearl drops, peacock shapes, and so on.

Chandbali designs are most often associated with jewelry from Hyderabad, where they were first made during the time of the Nizams. Even though pearls were used in the first Chandbali designs, modern versions of the same style use other kinds of jewelry, like Kundan designs, Meena work, jhumka styles, and so on.


When it comes to popular earrings for women, Chandbali earrings are a style that none can match. In India, we have a lot of festivals and weddings, which means that a lot of girls have to get dressed up in traditional clothes and jewelry that will make them stand out. Chandbali earrings are very pretty and can be worn with a saree, an anarkali, a lehenga, or a palazzo suit.

The list of latest chandbali designs for 2023 is given below:

Chandbali Jhumkas:

This style uses the traditional Chandbalis and adds Jhumkas to the bottom. Indian brides love Chandbali jhumkas because they look great with classic bridal lehengas. You can get them in gold, silver, and other metals with American diamonds and stones set in them. You can sport them with Anarkali suits and silk sarees.

Lakshmi Chandbali Earrings:

Even after a decade, the Chandbali earrings are still made the same way. One of the ancient designs is Lakshmi Chandbali. South Indian brides often wear these earrings because they look good with Kanjeevaram silk sarees. So, if you wear Lakshmi Chandbali earrings to your next wedding, you will certainly stand out.

Cubic Zirconia Chandbali Earrings:

Cubic zirconia earrings are rich to look at. Chandbali earrings are no different. They are glittery, stylish, and absolutely beautiful. Choose simple nose pins, gold chains, or a Kada and put them on your earrings to make them the main piece of jewelry. They can be worn to a wedding with a raw silk lehenga or a silk saree.

Pearl jewelry is another important thing from the time of the Mughals. Pearls weren't often used to make jewelry in India in the past, even though they were very popular in the west. Moti Chandbalis and pearl Chandbalis look the same, but they have small pearl studs instead of stones. Some of them are great for brides because they have pearls that hang down.

During the holiday season, it's a great time to buy new jewelry. Chandbalis with stones is the way to go if you wish to add some color to your ears. Get such earrings in a color that matches your outfit and pair them with a necklace or maang tika with similar stonework. Designs that are enameled or pressed into gold would be great choices.

Kundan Chandbali Earrings:

There is nothing else that can compare to the magic of Kundan jewelry. If you like Kundan earrings as much as Indian women do, you should purchase a pair of Kundan Chandbalis. This beautiful design comes in so many new ways that you won't know what to pick. To go with your classic suits and sarees, get something that has an elegant and distinctive design, like a peacock or an ethnic symbol.

Chandbali designs with meenakari work:

The crescent moon shapes are the focus of these Chandbali designs, as they should be. With their colorful Meenakari work, these earrings are bold and make a statement. You should certainly keep your hair up when you wear it. The Kundan patterns that surround the Meenakari work on the earlobe make the colors stand out even more. Tiny drops of pearl finish off the look, making it a mix of traditional style and modern ideas.

Unpolished Chandbali earrings:

Chandbali earrings are a popular style of classic Indian earrings. These earrings are very popular right now, and many women love them. First of all, many people like them because they can be worn with both ethnic and western clothes. You can wear them daily or at any event. Second, these are available in many different styles and sizes, which makes them look great.

Antique Chandbali:

Indians love to wear antique and Temple-designed jewelry. The Chandbali earrings are no different. There are a lot of beautiful designs to choose from in chandbalis, and they are very appealing. In fact, it's a popular choice for a wedding dress these days. When worn with vintage necklaces and haram, these earrings look stunning.

Nakshi Chandbali:

Nakshi Chandbali earrings are delicately designed with alluring charm and beauty. It has Goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus in the center of the earring. Below it are pear designs studded with glittering ruby stones. It is encircled by a layer of pearls.


A layer with polished zircon stone etched circle and pear designs follows it. The base of the earring is decorated with pearl clusters, which adds to its grace. Nakshi Chandbali Earrings are ideal for customers searching for large, fanciful earstuds for party use. They are also perfect for formal weddings or other events and pair well with traditional wear.


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