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Traditional jewelry makes Indian clothes look even better. There are a lot of different kinds of Indian jewelry, so it can be hard to choose the best pieces to go with your traditional clothes. With the changes in jewelry trends, new styles continue to emerge, while traditional designs remain timeless.

If you don't know what jewelry to wear with traditional clothes, you can sit back and relax because we're here to help. In this blog, we will be giving 15 trending jewelry designs that will go absolutely well with all your traditional outfits.

1. Kemp Red And Green Manga Haram feature mango, floral, and square motifs. On it are embedded mango patterns that are studded with rubies and green stones. Stones of various colors, including white, green, and ruby, are etched into floral patterns. White stones are set in square patterns and add a decorative touch. Earrings are the same designs as Haram.

2. This necklace features a pendant that depicts the coronation of Lord Rama. The podium on which the idols were placed was decorated with items of stunning aesthetic appeal. The remainder of the body features two patterns that are joined together. The rectangle-shaped sapphire stone is set in the center of a gold circle encircled by white stones on all sides. 

The second design element is the presence of a peacock motif. The dangling part features alternating strands of green pearl beads and white Swarovski pearls. The brilliant use of color and texture does wonders for the necklace's overall aesthetic. The studs of the jhumka earrings are cut to resemble the same sort of rectangular sapphire stones as the necklace. Pearl ornaments on the garment make it more visually appealing by adding a feminine touch.

3. Elegant floral patterns are featured on the Kempu Choker With Green Pearls. A ruby is located in the center of the flower, which is surrounded by two other flowers. A layer of greenstone is placed on top of the ruby stones. It has a flower pattern on the outside of it, with a green stone in the center surrounded by ruby stones. 

The green and pearl beads are used to embellish the base. On the top of the earrings are flowers that are set with green and ruby stones. It has a layer of rubies and pearls hanging at the bottom and is joined to the jhumka. 

 4.The Shiva Sakthi Neckset features an enchanting image of Shiva and Sakthi etched on it as well as gold pearl clusters below it. Glittering ruby and emerald stones are set on the top of the neckset. The neckset's body is adorned with gold pearl clusters. Goddess Lakshmi is seated on a lotus in these earrings. Its base is studded with rubies and emeralds. Jhumka is embellished with gold pearl clusters at the base.

5. Goddess Lakshmi Style Big Jhumki Earrings with a bead gun guru and semi-precious stone embellishment. Jhumkas are the perfect balance of modern and traditional. They have a very traditional style, but the right one can really spice up your look. 

The fixing part of the Goddess Lakshmi-style big jhumka earrings features Goddess Lakshmi. Jhumka is etched with a leaf and floral designs. The base is made of ruby and greenstone, with golden pearl hangings beneath it. Appropriate ethnic wear accessories are appropriate for festive occasions.

6. Jhumka Small Earrings are engraved with a floral, circle, and other patterns. The floral pattern is centered on greenstone and enveloped by ruby stones. Various designs are embellished with circle patterns set with ruby stones and pearl hangings. Jhumka has a circle design set with sparkling ruby stones and pearl hangings beneath them.

7.Kemp Lotus Jhumka features a lovely lotus design on the top. It is encrusted with gleaming rubies and greenstone. It is linked to a jhumka with peacock and floral designs. The base is embellished with green and pearl beads. It goes well with your ethnic attire.

8.Sunflower Bridal Kemp Jhumkas tops have floral designs. Ruby and green stones are used to engrave the floral designs. It is connected by a jhumka with a green stone on top, followed by three layers of ruby stones. The earrings' base is embellished with pearl hangings.

9. Papidi Billa Design Gold is etched with a floral and circle pattern. A green stone in the center of the floral pattern is surrounded by white stones. On top is a lovely floral design with a green stone in the center, surrounded by dazzling ruby stones. Glittering white stones are engraved into circle patterns. Gold beads hang from the base. This lovely maang tikka is a must-have for your bridal trousseau.

10. Matte Gold Plated Peacock Style Nethichutti With White Pearls has a matte gold finish for your South Indian traditional ornament needs .This matte gold nethichutti is a work of art in its own right. This exquisitely crafted jewel will go perfectly with ethnic dresses. 

On either side of an oval greenstone are two beautiful peacocks encrusted with red and white stones. The top layer is embellished with floral patterns and red and green stones. The bottom of the jewel has pearl hangings. The elegant single-layer nethichutti suits both traditional and western attire.

11. Vaddanam, also known as Oddiyanam or Kamar bandh, is a waist belt. Vaddanam designs are a must-have in any bride's jewellery collection. Contrary to popular belief, they can be worn in a variety of ways. The centre of the green Kemp Vadanam has a floral design. 

It has ruby, green, and zircon stones set in it. It is flanked by smaller floral patterns engraved with ruby and zircon stones. Green stones adorn the top and bottom of the dress. The Vaddanam's base is embellished with gold pearl hangings.

12. Kemp Embellished Peacock Original Ottiyanam depicts Goddess Lakshmi sitting on a lotus. A peacock flanks her on both sides. Zircon and ruby stones adorn peacock designs. The base is embellished with green and pearl beads. This is an excellent wedding accessory.

13. Laxmi Ottiyanam For Kalyanam depicts Goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus. A peacock flanks her on both sides. Zircon and ruby stones adorn peacock designs. The base is embellished with green and pearl beads. This makes an excellent wedding accessory.

14. Bridal Bangles Design features a peacock and circle motif. Ruby and green stones adorn the peacock motif. Ruby stones adorn the circle motif. Beautiful accessory to carry with traditional attire like sarees, salwars, and lehengas. Grab a pair and wear them on special occasions.

15. The Ram Parivar Bangles 2*6 have a lovely image of Lord Ram Darbar etched on them. Floral patterns are inscribed with dazzling ruby and green stones to act as spacers between the rows. This lovely pair of bangles is a must-have for wearing with traditional attire such as a saree, lehenga, or salwar.


Lumibella Fashion offers a wide range of beautiful jewelry for a number of occasions. Buying from Lumibella Fashion is like attempting to bring a piece of Indian heritage into your home. Lumibella Fashion specializes in classic styles with a modern twist.


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