Top 5 Best Selling Kemp Embellished Earrings in 2020!

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Women can never say no to jewellery especially when it has a traditional touch to it. Indian women look stunning wearing the traditional sarees with an elegant gold finish handcrafted jewels. 

There are many types of earrings; women have plenty of choices when it comes to their jewellery needs. India is rich in traditional style ornaments and you could see dozens of earrings stocked up in containers in each home. It does not matter if you wear or gift we just cannot resist adding more treasure to our collections. 

vijay tv actress pavithra earrings

Earlier kemp stone was used by kings and queens to decor their ornaments it was considered as the most precious. The classical dancers used the kemp stones to decor their dance ornaments which were called as Bharatanatyam. Since most of the performance represented Hindu god it was also called as temple jewellery.

Kemp is derived from Indian literature meaning the colour dark red, however, in the modernised world we have managed to get green, blue and many more modern colours for kemp designs. 

sandya earrings

A good piece of kemp studs is high on price as it takes lots of time and effort to make a single pair of earrings. Most beautiful pieces are handmade and need time to design and produce.  

Dangly to dapper here are the top 5 best selling kemp embellished earrings in 2020

Peacock style ear cuff with fine ruby kemp embellishment and coin hangings:

     Lightweight delicate ear cuffs are been popular for ages now, but what's new is the heavy work matte polish south Indian style ear cuffs. Lumibella's temple style ear cuff is beautifully designed with goddess Lakshmi style coin hangings and pearls. This stunning heavy work ear cuff comes with a strong clip hold to keep the earrings on your lobe so it stays on place. 

    One Gram polish peacock chandbali with ruby and white kemp stone and charming pearl gungurus:
      bali earrings

       Forget about investing heavily in gold, these peacock engraved earrings look exactly like gold traditional collections. Ruby kemp stones are beautifully arranged throughout the chandbali with white pearl hangings to embrace the traditional look. The peacock stud's eye is jewelled with single ruby stone which enhances the beauty of the ear jewel. 

      Krishna engraved matte finish triangle-shaped jhumki with striking ruby kemp work: 
        matte jhumki earrings

        Jhumkas are always in a trend they come in different shapes and size, this unique lord Krishna engraved jhimmki comes in a triangle shape with matte grill polished body. The stud in the jhumka comes with a small peacock style hanging this looks very unique and brings the best of the jhumka earring. 

        Handcrafted kemp classic chandbali earrings with pearl:
          chandbali kemp earrings

          Deepika set a trend by wearing the most stunning chandbalis, lumibella's matte polish heavy work Bali earrings is been exclusively designed to quench the craving for flawless kemp stone designer earrings. Lotus style stud is attached to the peacock body Bali earrings. Each part of the jewel is carefully handcrafted with fine quality kemp beads. The finishing touch is the teardrop element with white pearls at the bottom.

          Alluring Ruby Kemp Stone Studded Peacock Stud Earrings:
            kemp earrings

            Stud design is the most desired of all type of earrings, unlike the large heavy ones studs are lighter and smaller. Kangana Ranaut's heavy choker and elegant stud combos are the style mantra for many wedding reception goers. A cream silk saree with dark ruby kemp stone would be an unbeatable combination for a simple yet elegant look.  

            Are you looking for some statement and stunning piece of jewellery?

            Are you confused about which design to choose?

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