American Diamond Jewellery - New Gen Key for Glam!

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Agnes Sorel would have never assumed the piece of stone she adorned as an engagement gift from her lover Archduke, Maximilian I of Austria would make a royal chronicle and shall remain unconquerable.
That tiny exquisite and impeccably sparkling crystal has been a symbol of love and promise since 1477 and been desired by every woman at some point in their life, DIAMONDS!

American Diamond Embellished Choker Neckset

Fashion and craftsmanship have advanced and incessantly been fulfilling women's fondness for designs. By the time the Diamonds are architected and exquisitely decked in gold or platinum base the amount of effort and time invested are huge hence Diamonds are invariably expensive. 
Every woman fantasize to look classy at her marriage, a fancy wedding gown, laboriously designed lehengas or precious stones embellished designer saree along with makeup and mesmerizing jewellery is indispensable.

American Diamond Embellishment Choker Neckset with Earrings

Spending or Wearing a densely patterned jewellery is practically not possible for many of us. Hence we end up looking for imitation jewellery.
There is an extensive assortment of replica jewellery which is gold plated and ornamented with striking American diamonds. These are inexpensive and easy to store contrary to the precious gems. 
Carefully crafted neck sets with floral patterns are one piece stunners these are called as chokers as they stay very close to the neck. Long patterned neck pieces complimenting the shorter ones are also chosen to get the stylish appearances.

American Diamond Embellished Choker Neckset Close View

Earrings bring the beauty of a bride's facial highlights danglers, huge jhumkis, chandbalis, statement style the list goes on.
Bangles with geometrical patterns and Bracelets with uniformly arranged fine cut stones are major yes to match those beautiful necklaces and earrings.

American Diamond Bracelet Style Kada

Check out our tasteful American diamond  jewellery collections at the below mentioned links, also click the pictures to have a look at the same collections at our store.

American Diamond Necksets
American Diamond Bracelets
American Diamond Earrings

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