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When we possess a plethora of choices to choose for our special occasions why do we see women adorning the chunkiest Temple style Jewellery?

Regal Indian Temple Jewelry 1

Well, the doors take us back to the 9th century where legendary classical dancers felt divine wearing the precious gemstone and Hindu god embellished ornaments.

Temple jewellery has been an indispensable element of Indian history for eternities and we fancy rising like a goddess at some point of life.

Regal Indian Temple Jewelry 1

Earlier only wealthy had the pleasure to experience the sacredness of temple jewellery as it was fashioned with precious portions.

Regal Indian Temple Jewelry 3

Jewellery making has advanced to a diverse degree nevertheless, we are blessed considering these flawless patterns can be handmade using imitation metals and semi-precious stones. Lightweight, different shades of elements, pearls and semi-precious stone decoration are several possibilities we have.

Regal Indian Temple Jewelry 1

Multi-layered goddess Laxmi style long neck sets, elegant goddess engraved huge bangles / kadas, feather-light maang tikkas with pearls, huge size jhumka jhumkis or chandbali style earrings are unique pieces to feel enchanted.

Regal Indian Temple Jewelry 4

Endeavour to look chic by wearing a colossal temple style earrings with a contemporary Kanchipuram pattu saree styled gown, there are many ways to look stylish and classic at the same time it all takes to do your own experiment.

Regal Indian Temple Jewelry 5

Check out our classic temple jewellery collections at the below mentioned links, also click the pictures to have a look at the same collections at our store.

Regal Indian Temple Jewelry 6


Matte Necksets
Matte Earrings


In Frame: Anusha Narayanan
Clicks by: Ragav Photography
Costumes: Yoshnasbyela
Makeup & Hair: Thasiliya

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