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An Indian woman getting wed dreams to wear a Maang Tikka, which denotes her life beginning into conjugal life, according to custom. The Maang Tikka pendant is said to rest directly over the third chakra on a woman's forehead, which is more about preservation. This suggests that a woman will commit herself to the protection of her sacred marriage and family and will build from it.

The Maang Tikka recognizes the spiritual and physical union of two beings, as well as the connectedness that exists during a wedding ceremony.

If your bridal makeup isn't matched with the right jewelry, it won't stand out. The nethi chutti is a lovely finishing touch for a polished look. Every face is distinct and has its own shape. Choosing the correct nethi chutti completes the look and hides makeup flaws.To find the right nethi chutti for your face, we suggest a few standout variants in nethi chutti. Choose this kemp nethi chutti, which has a long history of authenticity, when you want to go for a traditional look without a second thought.

A floral garland, bright eyes, beautiful nose rings, a large bindi, a puffy blouse, and a large bindi All of this calls for a thick nethi chutti, which would be an excellent match.

Another famous kemp nethi chutti with red ruby specs is the single-layered kemp nethi chutti. It complements all skin tones. It turns you into a goddess.The most popular maang tikka designs for bride and South Indian Maang Tikka designs are as follows:

  • Kemp Nethi Chutti: Every South Indian bride's favorite nethi chutti for a long time. Nothing compares to the traditional and all-encompassing look it offers. New designs come and go, but the kemp nethi chutti is a timeless classic.

maang tikka

  • Kemp Nethi Chutti with a Modern Twist: Traditional kemp nethi chuttis are getting a modern makeover these days. As 1 gram gold jewelry has developed, modern kemp designs have become very common. This is a good choice for brides who want to keep things traditional but still looking trendy.

Polki maang tikka

  • Nethichutti single: Are you a bride who likes to keep things simple and elegant? Did I mention that's exactly what you'd be wearing? It suits people with a variety of face types.

Temple Style Nethichutti

  • Pendant Nethichutti : Did you know that the pendant nethi chutti is the most popular nethi chutti for Reception? I assume the majority of you will agree with me. If you want to wear grand sarees or lehengas to the reception but don't want to go overboard, this is a great option. You can transform your single nethi chutti into a pendant by tucking the string under your hair.


  • Kundan Nethi Chutti : Kundan is famous among brides because of its royal appearance.

Kundan Tikka

  • Multi-layered Nethichutti: One of the hottest trends right now is multi-layered nethi chutti, which will improve the look of the bridal gown. These seem to be simply gorgeous and lovely.


Today, we'll show you some simple methods for determining which of these two types is the most improving or complementing.

A Maang Tikka is a plain thread or string with a pendant which rests on a woman's temple, while a Matha Patti is more intricate, with two or more threads, several embellishments, and a large pendant. Your features, face shape, and the size of the forehead are all factors that can help you choose between Maang Tikka and Matha Patti. As a result, pay close attention to the following details. 

  • Face that is round : A Maang Tikka with a vertical pattern, such as a diamond-shaped pendant, should be worn by someone with a round face to help widen the shape of the face. For such faces, a Matha Patti would be inappropriate because it would add pounds to the roundness of the face.


  • Square Face : Matha Patti is a good jewellery style for square faces because it adds roundness and softness to a square face's snatched appearance. For this face form, a side wide pendant design known as Passa is also a good option.


  • Oval Face : Women with an oval-shaped face are fortunate in that all models look stunning on them. All will look amazing on you, if you wanted to wear a Maang Tikka or a Matha Patti in either theme.


  • Forehead with a Small Size : Women with small forehead can opt for a minimalistic and small American diamond Maang Tikka design, as they have less temple space.


  • Massive Forehead : Women with a large forehead or even larger, you could go all out and carry a heavily decorated Maang Tikka pendant or a Matha Patti, both of which would be breathtaking. It is simple to decide one's personal style, and the research behind it is straightforward. Women with large faces should wear larger baubles, while women with tiny faces and delicate features should wear small, delicate jewellery.


  • Face with Oblong Shape : The face with an oblong form is one that is long but short. Using the maang tikka style to add width to the face would make you look sleek and trendy, but don't try to add length to the face. Choose semi-circular tikkas to add some much-needed elegance to your face, and play around with the shapes to see what works best for you.

The maang tikka was once thought to only be used to shield the 6th chakra on the forehead. This chakra, also known as the ajna, is said to be the seat of riches or wisdom in yogic teachings. The kundalini energy would have been modulated at this stage. As an effect, married women frequently wear bindis on their foreheads during this time.

The bindi was worn to help women retain their strength in the face of physical changes such as childbirth and motherhood. Popular Rajasthan queens have worn the mang tikka on traditional and bridal occasions, and it has a long and prestigious history.

The rapidly evolving trends in the Indian fashion industry are one of the key reasons for the growth of new designs and patterns in maang tikka creations. It is embellished with valuable and semi-precious gemstones, giving it a more opulent look. These gemstones are available in a number of colours, so you can suit your jewels to your wardrobe. Maang Tika is a hair accessory that consists of a chain-like pattern with a pendant on one end and a hook on the other. 

The Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, is seated on a lotus in Nethi Chutti Latest Designs. It's surrounded by circle patterns festooned with gleaming rubies and calming green stones. The circle designs on the chain are engraved with ruby and green stones. Gold bead hangings adorn the base. This stunning Nethichutti is an incredible asset to the bridal trousseau and can also be worn on special occasions. 

Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi is seated on a lotus in the Big Nagas Nethichutti With Golden Pearls. A dancing peacock flanks her on both sides. It has gold bead hangings on the sides.

Peacock designs are carved into the chain, which is speckled with ruby and green stones. Gold bead hangings are attached to the base. It can be worn with ethnic clothing.

Goddess Lakshmi is seated on a lotus in this Three Layered Maang Tikka. She is surrounded by two dancing peacocks. The foundation is embellished with gold beads. A tiny Lakshmi montiff is linked to three layers with a circle pattern bedecked with sparkling ruby and green stones. A layer of gold pearls sits underneath it, adding to the maang tikka's charm. Bridal and classical dancers would love this accessory. 

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