Ottiyanam, Vadanam, Hip Belt - What is the importance of this jewelry worn by Indian women?

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It is believed that women have been wearing ornamental jewelry on their hips for at least thousands of years. As showcased by sculptures and paintings dating back to the Indus Valley civilization, it all began in India. A waist chain, also termed a hip chain, is a simple chain or carved jewelry sported around the waist and is popularly known in English as Kamarband, Udhyanam, or Odyanam. Waist chains are typically made from silver or gold, with black thread and a silver or gold pendant only used on festive occasions.

The Kardhani also identified as Kamarband in North India is a good quality silver waist jewel worn by married women around the waist. It is believed to help regulate excess belly fat. Whatever the case may be, a woman's hip chain or waist chain is romantic, trendy, and lovely, and will slim her hips by making her waist look slimmer.

Lumibella Fashion offers a very unique design ottiyanam which boosts your appeal. The ottiyanam for bridal women is an excellent collection of ethnic jewelry which is ideal for weddings, as well as all other ethnic and festive seasons, and will add charm and elegance to your appearance. It's a great gift for your female relatives.


Heavy Work Peacock Ottiyanam has beautiful peacock montiff, pear, and oval designs bedecked on Ottiyanam. The core showcases an oval design festooned with rubies and surrounded by zircons. It is flanked on both sides by a peacock with zircon stones carved into its body. The top has floral designs festooned with ruby stones in the middle and zircon stones in the petals. Pearl hangings adorn the ottiyanam's foundation.

Ottiyanams: Classic ottiyanams have rendered their own stylish look with the young brides in a world where jeans, skirts, and other unisex clothing pieces have made their permanent spot in the closets of every youth. There are several design choices available online, allowing you to select from a variety of hip chain designs. If you're sporting a heavily embroidered saree and want to add a bit of grace, go for a sleek ottiyanam, which will beautifully magnify your curvy figure.

Hip Belt

Oddiyanam is a lovely belt worn by women to keep their sarees in place. It is commonly used at weddings, notably in south Indian weddings. Dance shows, concerts, special occasions, and festivals are all popular places to see them. Oddiyanam are a must-have in the wedding outfit of South Indian brides who keep heritage close to their hearts. The oddiyanam waist belt is worn to grab attention to the hips.

Vaddanam belt designs: Vaddanam are traditional South Indian waist belts that are worn for a number of occasions. They are a symbol of status and a mark of culture, particularly at weddings. Vaddanam is known by various names in different parts of the world. They're known as Oddiyanams, waist belts, Hip chains, and other names in South India. They are known as Kamarbandh in the north.


Though it is known by different names in different parts of India, its significance remains the same! Vaddanams reflect the bride's elegance; in some instances, it is an heirloom given to the bride by her mother or grandmother! Any south Indian wedding would be incomplete without a bride sporting Vaddanam, the largest ornament worn, as it is regarded as a status thing in the region.

Temple Vaddanams look just like South Indian temple scriptures. Temple Vaddanams look best with a Kanjeevaram saree because they add a sense of completion to the outfit. Temple Vaddanams placed temple architecture front and centre in their design. Lord Krishna and his companions, Goddess Lakshmi with elephants, Peacocks, elephants, antique temple miniatures, and other statement images are probably the most sought after models.For Vaddanam online shopping with price and one gram gold vaddanam online shopping contact Lumibella Fashion.

Jewelry making necessitates a great deal of skill. The featured Nagas Vaddanam is an example of a model that requires a great deal of hard work and persistence, as well as skilled artisans. Beautiful Nagas Vaddanam With Lakshmi devi can be worn around the waist. The Nagas Temple Vaddanam is a beautiful addition to every wedding.

It is the most common jewelry for large family gatherings and celebrations, and it goes well with silk sarees. Elegant Lakshmi montiffs are engraved on Vaddanam. A peacock stands on either side of her. Golden pearls hang from the vaddanam's base.

hip belt matte finish

Mahalakshmi Embellished Ottiyanam has Mahalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi depicted in Ottiyanam seated on a lotus, flanked on all sides by elephants. The elephant's body is encrusted with rubies. Zircon stones have been etched into the Lotus flower. The ottiyanam's base features a floral pattern with a green stone in the middle and ruby stones encircling it.

The Ottiyanam is graced by a peacock montiff at the foundation. Ruby, green, and zircon stone adorn the peacock montiff. Pearl hangings adorn the Ottiyanam's bottom. This is a great accessory for weddings and engagements.

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