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South Indians traditionally conduct the wedding ceremony and everyone including bride and bridegrooms wear varieties of glittery traditional as well as modern ornaments before entering the wedding hall. But the wedding rituals that are followed in South Indian Wedding is quite different compared to other religious sects. Even South Indian bride’s choice of ornaments will be different since they focus more on necklaces, earrings and bangles. 

The Hindu brides not only wear costly sarees but they also wear exotic traditional ornaments like maang tikka on their forehead and other stylish pieces of jewellery like designer necklaces, chains, rings, and ear studs. 

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Wearing intrinsically carved and decorated ornaments is a style quotient in south Indian marriage and that none can escape from it. If you want to bring out the best from you and attend the wedding ceremony with the fullest happiness then you should start wearing Lumibellas wedding collection jewellery.

When it comes to traditional Hindu marriage there are trendy fashion jewels that can transform the looks of the brides instantly. Lumibella Fashion that stands at the forefront in customer satisfaction sells and rents wide varieties of traditional ornaments at best prices. Some of the products that come from the house of Lumbellas are listed below.

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Brides and even adult women wear ruby embellished three-layered Maang tikka on their foreheads along with fashion and traditional dresses. This product is getting the best reviews from all corners since it comes with plenty of decorative ruby stones and floral designs. Pretty girls and young women will get that showy and attractive look when they wear maang tikka on their forehead. Maang tikka is popular right from time immemorial since it has got lots of cultural significance. 

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A small pendant that is attached in the centre of the chain will dangle and showcase the wearer in the limelight. Hindu’s believe that the forehead is the place where the seventh chakra is found. Maang tikka stimulates and energizes this chakra which in turn improves your concentration skills. You can also buy or rent Lumibellas wide range of temple style, goddess Lakshmi engraved, matte finish, kemp style, and white gold nethichutti and wear them during family functions, engagements, and social events. 

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Little girls look cute when they wear our small-sized lightweight nethichuttis on their little forehead and feel very happy walking around like a woman. Small girls who have attractive face will look better when they wear nethichutti along with silk pavadi and tops. Bharatanatyam exponents can also wear varieties of products like kemp ruby green maang tikka along with other head accessories. 

Nethichutti is a south Indian term for maang tikka it is a luxurious piece of bridal jewellery that is never missed by brides. It is one of the essential pieces of jewellery in the brides’ wardrobe. It is popularly known as mathapatti in north india. It is imperative to note that lumibellas Traditional Kemp Nethi Chutti that is crafted with stylish details and embellishments is priced cheaply. You can either rent or buy it from Lumbibella's at any point in time.

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It is worth noting that celebrities, actors, fashion designers, and others buy Lumibella's Traditional Kemp Nethi and wear it during their wedding ceremonies. Brides will brim with beauty when they wear this kemp nethichutti that stands out in quality.

You will love the artwork that is inscribed in the forehead accessories and wear them with utmost happiness for all types of functions and events. Women and children who wear handcrafted gold pearl three-layered nethichutti should complement them with the best dress materials and accessories. 

Layered or step nethichutti that is made from quality white pearls or golden balls is gaining worldwide popularity since it showcases the wearer in the spotlight. Young brides will get that gorgeous and sharp look when they wear this product during wedding ceremonies. Unlike ordinary single layer maang tikkathe layered nethichutti comes with two ore more layers. It goes well with muhurtham silk sarees and modern designer sarees.

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If you are planning to buy or rent high-quality forehead accessories like three-layer maang tikka, then quickly get in touch Lumibella that houses wide varieties of designer jewelleries for Tamil brides.

Lumibella not only sells and rents muhurtham jewellery for south Indian brides but also houses wide varieties of traditional and fashion jewelries for modern women. Brides who wear handloom, traditional and contemporary sarees will look pretty when they wear Lumibellas single and variety of layered maang tikkas.

Young girls who are learning Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, and other ancient Indian dances through trained teachers will look beautiful when they wear lumibellas Bharatanatyam nethichutti that is designed and crafted with utmost perfection.

Classical dancers can spread positive vibes when they wear lumibellas impressively crafted nethichutti during stage and temple performances. You can flaunt with the ultimate style and create a statement when you wear Lumibellas dance jewellery collections. It goes well with all types of dance costumes since the Bharatanatyam nethichutti is constructed with amazing designs.

If you are aiming to get that stylish look during stage performance then you should start wearing quality certified Lumibellas designer Bharatanatyam jewelleries since they are trusted by many customers worldwide.

Lumibellas wedding jewelleries collection is creating positive ripples worldwide and people living in all parts of the world can buy traditional jewelleries at attractive prices since we ship worldwide.

Lumibellas that sells the cheapest designer traditional jewelleries follow best business practices and builds the best rapport with all of the customers. Lumibella Fashion has a wide customer base and the count is increasing day-by-day. You can conserve lots of money, time, and energy when you rent or buy Lumibellas products. You can also chat with our customer support team at any point of time and get your doubts cleared immediately. All the traditional jewellery that are rented and sold by Lumibella come with quality assurance.

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