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From eons ago, jewellery has been endearing the life of women. The enticing characteristics of jewellery have captivated numerous women. Being rare and lustrous, it lures everyone to have a look at it. Luring everyone, the groovy designs of jewellery forces them to have a look at it. Around the world, it symbolizes history, art, investment, and a lot more. For any decoration purpose, jewellery is the one-stop destination. 

For years, women worshipped gold, silver, and platinum. But with the revolution in technology, there is a shift in this trend. Modern technology has given birth to imitation jewels. Revitalizing the meaning of the jewellery, the popularity of Imitation jewellery is roaring in every corner. Its pocket-friendliness enables us to have numerous pieces of jewellery while exempting you from the stress of protecting it. It offers an endless spectrum of designs and colours, greasing the wheels of the selection process. Thus, you end up buying the jewellery that you fancy while paying an exiguous amount. 

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And hence, women from all over the globe are fancying it. And Indians are no exception!

Indians are rocking the imitation jewellery everywhere, be it a small or a big occasion. Wearing them at weddings has become a new thing.  Its feature has ignited a fancy for it amongst the Telugu brides. With immense popularity, Imitation Jewellery has perfectly blended in Telugu traditions and culture. Venerated by every Telugu bride, imitation jewellery has ended up replacing the conventional bridal jewellery. And why not? Unlike other jewellery, that hamstrings you for paying an exiguous amount of money, it untightens you from limited designs. Imitation jewellery offers numerous-phenomenal design, making it possible for you to buy individualized ornaments.

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The innumerable designs also allow you in finding the perfect match for your attire. Throwing confetti of happiness, these groovy jewels make a bride feel like she's a "Big cheese".

Hence, Imitation jewellery is the best option for Telugu bridal jewellery.

So, if you are a bride or going to be a Telegu bride, here is a list of must-have Telugu Bridal Jewelleries:

1) The beautiful symbol of the union: Maang tika

Nothing can complement a bride’s forehead better than a Maang Tika. Sitting on the Agya Chakra, it is believed that Maang Tika imparts power, wisdom, and good luck to a bride. Being used in south Indian weddings for hundreds of years, Maang Tika has an important place in Telugu weddings. Parting the head and kissing the forehead, Maang Tika has all that a bride needs! At Lumibella Fashion, we’ve got a huge collection of multi-layered Maang Tikas. The antique designs with a matte finish look will surely attract every head towards you.

maang tikka

 2) Adoring your neck: Neckset

If you watch a woman wearing layers of necksets, it is indubitable that she is a Telugu bride. From royal weddings to small-scale weddings, necksets have always been carried out by the bride. Being the cream of the crop, a necklet transforms a bride. Blending well with the saree, the layers of necksets heighten the confidence of a bride. Thus, it is an imperative Telugu bridal jewellery.

3) Imparting one’s fortune: Bangles

 Originating from centuries ago, the bangle is deeply rooted in our culture. Be it for special occasions or casual wear, bangle goes with any attire. Symbolizing prosperity and fortune, bangle ensures good luck to the bride. In Telugu weddings, a bangle plays a special part. Our mammoth collection of stylish, hand-crafted bangles with a wide spectrum of designs and colours, makes them more special.

4) Riveting every head towards you: Chokers  

 For the neck, nothing can be simpler and more perfect than a choker. A choker is a type of jewellery that is worn around the neck. Originating from time ago, there are innumerable types of chokers. For daily wear or special occasions, choker melds with any attire. Choker necklace is a special type of choker that is popular in Telugu weddings. Its curved and sleek designs outperform any other jewellery.

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 5) Your ear’s bosom-buddy: Ear chains

 Every bride desires to decorate every part of her with jewellery, for the big day. So how can a bride leave her ears incomplete? Ear chains have fulfilled this desire, by providing a simple and elegant look to them. Ear chains are the worth-noticing jewellery that glorifies your ears. Ear chains at Lumibella are matte-finished, light-weighted with a variety of designs and colours, luring every bride to carry them.

 6) Dangling beneath your ears: Jhumka earrings 

Complementing the ear chains, a bride must carry earrings. Jhumka is a type of earring, which outshines other earrings, being used by every bride. Being dangling, scintillating, and antique, it has become one of the most popular jewellery among the Telugu brides.

7) Enchanting your nose: Nosepins

 Nosepin is a simple and elegant piece of jewellery that glorifies your face. It’s a rule of thumb for a Telugu bride to wear a Nosepin at her wedding. The Nosepins at Lumibella Fashion has innovative designs, attractive colours, matte finish look.  Ranging from Peacock style to Kundal style, goldish to multicoloured, our huge collection of Nosepins is ready to win every heart.

 8) Heightening your personality: Hipchain

Hipchian, having an innovative design, is widely accepted amongst the Telugu brides. Its bewitching designs transforms the looks of the bride. It has dominated the imitation jewellery market. The hip chain by Lumibella Fashion helps in making you look spellbinding. Our creative design makes it the cream of the crop.

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Therefore, buying these with the perfect designs is on every bride’s bucket list. In today’s world, this process of selection is very tedious. But don’t worry, we at Lumibella Fashion got you covered! 

 Having an enormous collection of exquisite, matchless, and unparalleled pieces of imitation jewellery; Lumibella Fashion is the one-stop destination for your requirements. Each piece of our jewellery has a subtle warm look that resonates with your beauty. Having the finest choices of world-class imitation and fashion jewellery, we at Lumibella Fashion strive to deliver you the best jewellery. Our raring-to-go team works day and night, skilfully crafting the best jewellery. Hailing from south India, our jewellery reflects the south Indian culture and traditions. Our huge collection of jewellery melds with any wedding attire so that you outshine others. Our innovative ideas like bridal rental collection have helped numerous women in getting a unique piece every time. Policies like these continue to make our customers on cloud nine. We always provide something extra to our customers. Our fast and best services continue to throw confetti of happiness in the lives of our customers.  Dressing you up to the nine is what we strive to do.

See you all in the next post.

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