Mesmerizing One Gram Gold South Indian Bridal Rental Jewelry

One gram jewellery is in trend these days. Gone are the days when Jewelry meant cost and not so affordable. With the value of gold shooting up young folks are looking for cheaper alternatives, and it came as a blessing for them. Imitation Jewelry is the latest trend since it offers cheaper options but the same design as the original piece.

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Bridal jewellery has never been perfect without Vanki gracing the bride's Mehendi-clad hands. Vanki an ethnic Jewelry is worn on the upper arm. Vanki or Bajubanda is a perfect accessory for the bride. It is famous among South Indian brides.

The motif is of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is seated on a golden lotus, encircling her are a layer of lustrous ruby. The base has a square pattern studded with shiny ruby and fresh green stones, linked to it are golden pearls. On the two sides are mango and circular designs studded with ruby and green stones. This classic Vanki is completely worth owning for all its elegance.

To decorate hair is a work of art. A South Indian bridal look is marked by making Jada as hairdressing. The braid is decorated with flowers or Jada billa. Jada is used by Classical dancers on special occasions. This perfectly made Jada has Goddess of fortune Lakshmi seated on a lotus, below are square design studded with ruby and green stones, linked to shiny Gold balls.

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Modern Jewelry designers have created many amazing contemporary hip belts that simultaneously look bridal and distinct! The hip chain known as the waist chain or Ottiyanam is a part of the Bridal Jewelry set. Matte finish hip chain is a perfect match to be worn with traditional sarees or Lehengas. This beautiful piece of art is generously studded with gemstones and comes in all sizes and shapes.

The center has Goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus and surrounded by a layer of rubies. The base part has a gold pearl hanging. The sides of the belt have mango and circle designs. Mango design is studded in the axis with green stones, while outer layers are ruby etched. The Top two layers are etched with ruby stones.

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Necklace attracts women more than any other Jewelry. It is because, in addition to the valuable metals, the precious and semiprecious stones don’t fail to add glamour and grace to the necklace. The necklace comes in short and long types. It depends on what dress you wear. Matte finish neckset has a beautiful Lakshmi montif seated on a lotus.

She is surrounded by circular-shaped ruby stones, followed by a square design etched with ruby and green stones. The base of the neck set has gold balls. The chain has mango and floral patterns. Mango design is etched in the core with green stone and, surrounded by rubies. Floral design is festooned in the center with green stone. Neck set short and large are identical designs. The circle pattern is festooned with ruby stones, Comes with an extendable rope to suit individual wish.

The jhumka is a lovely ear decoration found in parts of India. It can be extremely elaborate or plain and delicate. The jhumka size ranges from the huge to tiny. Matte finish earrings come with Goddess Lakshmi on the fixing part. She is seated on a lotus and is linked to Jhumkaa studded with ruby stones, the base part has gold hangings. It is a perfect match for the neck set and enhances the look. Less weight and carries off without much hassle.

A maang tikka is jewellery usually worn on the forehead by women in India and is close to the head brace. It is made of a pendant and chain at another end. Traditionally, brides wear maang tikkas, but all women wear them. Maang tikka has extended its possibilities and no longer is it traditional wear but has firmly established itself with modern trends. This Matte finish Maang tikka has heart and flower designs. The heart motif has Green stones etched to the center, rubies surround them. The top part of the maang tikka has a floral pattern engraved in the center with ruby stone. Light in weight and comfortable to wear. It surely lits your face.

Are you looking to cherish your special day with south indian style temple and nagas jewellery. Do you feel that although you fancy these elegant traditional tamil bridal jewellery you might not be able to use it in your day today life?

At Lumibella Fashion have a solution for this, our wide range of bridal rental jewellery is available to rent in India. If you are from other parts of India but have the desire to wear our south Indian bridal collections all you have to do is connect with us. We will deliver our bridal style rental jewellery at your doorsteps.

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Model: @jonishajawahar
Jewelry: @lumibellafashion
Mua : @devismakeupartistry
Photography: @rahulravindran


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