Bridesmaid Jewellery - Are Bride The Only One In The Spotlight

Lumibella Fashion Temple Jewellery

Marriages have beauty and celebrations in it!

Everything about a wedding, beginning with the theme, is of indispensable significance to make the day special. The most important aspect of every wedding is undeniably a beautiful bride. All eyes are on her and her classic elegance as she strides down the aisle decorated with the best jewels and apparel.

Lumibella Fashion Jewellery

Let the bridesmaids decide. In the matter, of course, brides must have some input but letting your 'maids pick their accessories will offer them the chance to let the identities shine through. Particularly because everyone wears the same dress, they will be given some choices by making the bridesmaid choose their accessories. 

If you have a particular piece of jewellery in mind as a bride, choose it as your bridesmaid gift. This is not only a nice way of getting them to wear exactly what you want, but they will love it.

The bridesmaid can try to complement the bride by her jewel selection. Also, it would be nice if you don't wear something which will veil her.

It's a very hard job to be the sister of a bride or groom, mainly because you have to be the person in control of so many tasks. Usually, the bride maid in India would be her sister. But it's exciting too because it's just the day to appear fabulous, you're the one that attracts a lot of coverage, the one responsible for determining the atmosphere of the wedding ceremonies.

As the bride and groom's sister, you've better make sure you hold your fashion sense timely! You have the stress, along with all the weary work, to appear amazing and beautiful. Even so, besides these reasons, another explanation is that it is the marriage of your favorite person, so it is a completely new duty to look flawless and then let it show in the photos. 

Gold and raise of affordable Jewelry

Jewellery was always an element of culture and thus on the Indian market, there seems to be a huge demand for this. In the days of yore, jewellery made of gold, silver, diamonds as well as other precious jewels had been in increased demand, however, with the constant increases in the cost of this jewellery, people's interest has changed from classical gold and silver jewellery to sleek and modern imitation jewellery.

Lumibella Fashion Temple Jewellery

Demands for artificial or faux jewellery are growing. India's artificial jewellery industry is one of the biggest in the world. In the coming years, it is predicted that it will rise by huge leaps.

People today seem to have been making their shopping decisions more realistic. Most go for artificial jewellery as they are inexpensive and offer a wide range as well. 

This sector offers several opportunities. Artificial jewellery sector is gaining more attention with the increasing growth in the use of online media.

Given the large price gap, it will be incredible that imitation jewellery still looks as beautiful, as stunning and as magnificent as any other designer jewellery on the modern market. The appeal and the stylish reception to imitation jewellery by onlookers and admirers are on the same scale as the reverence is given to actual and authentic expensive jewellery.

Gold polish Bangles are a perfect match for traditional wear. These beautifully crafted bangles have rubies and green stones etched in it. These bangles can go well with all light colour sarees. Weightless and comfortable to wear. This is suitable for festive occasions and is made for women of all age groups ranging from sizes 2.4 to 2.10.

tikka lumibella fashion

These matte-finish bangles have spiral designs equated to rectangular structures studded with 2 layers of rubies, below them are 4 layers of green stones. The bottom part of the structure has 2 layers of Rubies. This matte finish bangles can perfectly match with your matte necklace and earrings. It adds grace and beauty to your hands and is a must-try on festive occasions like marriage and engagement. These are suitable to be worn with ethnic wear.

This Beautiful piece of Temple Jewelry has Goddess Lakshmi seated on a Lotus. She is flanked on both sides by a peacock. Below it is layers studded with Rubies and green stones. The bottom part has a cluster of Rubies. The chains of the necklace have peacock designs connected by Gold beads. The outer part of the chain is studded by rubies.

Traditional earrings have Lakshmi and peacock designs. The fixing part of the earring has Goddess Lakshmi seated on the lotus. The dome part has Peacock design, below it is layers of rubies, surrounded by green stones. The bottom part has a cluster of Rubies. Most suitable to be worn with traditional attire. Enhances the beauty of the festive occasions and adds grace to those who wear it.

temple neckset lumibella fashion

This elegant pair of Jhumkaas is a sure hit with your ethnic wear. This Beautifully crafted Jhumkaa has peacock design in the fixing part. This graceful peacock design is studded with ruby stones. The bottom pyramid design has Lord Krishna playing the flute surrounded by lush foliage. The top part of the pyramid has ruby stones etched to small circular designs. This is a must-try on festive occasions.

This beautifully crafted Bangle has Goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus and is fixed to coin design. She is flanked on both sides by Flower and pear designs. The flower design is studded in the middle with ruby stones. The pear designs are studded with green and white stones. These Matte finish bangles are suitable to be worn on auspicious occasions like Marriage or Engagement. The bangles light in weight is very comfortable to wear. They are equally suitable to be worn with Traditional and trendy attire.

Maang Tikka Lumibella Fashion

This Maang tikka is made up of attractive floral patterns. The pendant part has floral design studded in the centre with ruby. The petals of the flower are etched with white stones. Circular layer surrounding the floral pattern is studded with Rubies, below it is clusters of pearls. The chain part of the mang tikka has floral designs studded in the centre with white stone and the petals are etched with rubies. Suitable to be worn on festive occasions. Apt to be worn with ethnic wear.

Products Meenakshi Has Adorned:

Gold Replica South Indian Temple Long Haaram

Krishna Style Matte Jhumka Earrings

Multi Color Square Style American Diamond Bangles

Laxmi Coin Style Matte Finish Bangles With American Diamonds

Ruby Matte Finish Real Kemp Maang Tikka


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Model: @meenakshi_govindharajan
Costume: @yoshnasbyela
Jewelry: @lumibellafashion
Mua : @kaviyaartistry
Hairstylist: @renuga_hairstylist
Photography: @rahulravindran


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