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Jewellery is among India's most popular attractions, particularly for women. There's also a wide range of impressive, one-of-a-kind, and unparalleled artistry jewellery available. India is home to a variety of globally known jewellery styles and designs. It's remarkable to think that the country's gold ornaments have a past that spans centuries. Even today there is a craze for Indian jewellery.

With the growing popularity of fashion jewellery, Indian jewellery is redefining itself. Fashion jewellery is designed to compliment and captivate trendy garment collections. India's jewellery industry is anticipating finer trends and a bright future.

Traditional wedding accessories are available for a bride to wear on her big day. Maang tikka, earrings, nose pin, harams, vanki, rings, hipbelt, anklets, toe rings, and accessories are a few among them.

Harams are classified into many categories based on the materials used and the use of stones. A haram is traditionally made of gold with various pendants that are named after the craftsmanship. Antique Haram, temple design haram, or a simple haram, for example. Haram models with classical designs remain common among people of all ages. The majesty and magnificence of a haram cannot be expressed in terms. This important piece of south india jewels has such an impact in the subcontinent, particularly in South India, that no wedding would be complete without it. It so beautifully adorns the neck that almost anything else pales in comparison.

Lekshmi Intricate Long Haram Neckset

This model of temple jewellery long necklace designs has Goddess of Prosperity Lakshmi is seated on a lotus in this Lekshmi Intricate Long Haram Neckset, which is surrounded by two layers of rubies. The pendants' tops are pear-shaped and festooned with green stones. There are pearl hangings below it. It's synonymous with peacock patterns bedecked with gleaming rubies and pearl hangings. Lakshmi coins are attached to the chain. It comes with an adjustable rope that can be modified to match any length requirement, an excellent addition to the bridal trousseau.

Intricate Temple Style Long Neckset

Nagas jewellery is a long-forgotten custom and art that honours temple artistry. This necklace is made to become your go-to piece on your marriage day and for the rest of your life. The necklace is embellished with lovely motifs that combine peacocks and mango. Nagas jewellery is known as a sign of vitality and fertility in south India. They come in a range of styles from which to pick. These pieces of jewellery are gorgeous, and some also feature multi-colored gemstones.

temple jewellery haram

Lord Krishna and Radha are depicted in a locket flanked by a tree, cow, and peacock at Krishna Nagas Long Haram. A jhumka connects the locket base to the locket, which is adorned with flowers. A leaf with floral patterns is carved into the jhumka. The floral pattern on a necklace's chain is embellished with green and ruby stones. Gold pearls hang from the chain's foundation. The adjustable rope ensures that it is the right length for each person. Earrings with floral patterns and green stones are embedded in the fixing section. In the center of the earring, there is a floral design with a dazzling ruby stone. Two peacocks encircle the flower design. At the base of the jhumka are golden hanging pearls.

Guttapusalu Long Haram

The necklace is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry a woman can have in her collection. It's the most attractive and alluring attribute of any outfit, hence why the wardrobe is often selected around it. Goddess Lakshmi and circular designs are attached to the chain of the long guttapusalu necklace. The Prosperity Goddess sits on a lotus and blesses with her hand raised. Pearl hangings adorn the montiff's foundation. The shiny rubies adorn the circular design. The chain is encrusted with tiny rubies in a circular pattern. The necklace has an adjustable rope to match various size preferences. The earrings are a perfect fit for the necklace. It is suitable for wearing on festival days and is a wonderful and appropriate ethnic wear accessory.

Laxmi Long Haram With Matte Gold Polish

Temple jewelry is a common and valuable addition to a South-Indian bride's wedding ensemble. The jewelry was then created to be worn by temple deities and members of the royal family. Temple Jewellery has become associated with happy and religious occasions over time and is now an important part of every South Indian bride's wardrobe. Goddess Lakshmi montiff is showcased on both sides by a peacock in this Intricate temple-style long necklaces.The resplendent ruby, cool green, and dazzling white stones adorn the Peacock montiff. Ruby hangings hang from the necklace's base. A floral design flecked with ruby and white stones sits atop the locket. Ruby stones are carved into the chain. The earrings have the same design as the necklace and are a perfect fit.

 One gram gold haram

Goddess Lakshmi is depicted on this haram, which is also decorated with a floral pendant. Goddess Lakshmi is sitting on a lotus in the Lakshmi pendant. Ruby rings encircle her. The floral pendant features a greenstone floral design in the middle, as well as white stone petals and leaves. The earrings are the same pattern as the pendant that is fixed in the haram and are a perfect fit for it. It's the ideal complement to formal attire. To bring more color to the occasion, try it on special events.

Jewellery is deeply embedded in every aspect of South Indian life, including culture, faith, ceremonies, celebrations, marriages, and festivals, and is regarded as a status symbol. South India jewels are characterized by gold, backed by diamonds, pearls, and kemp stones. Gold jewellery is not only seen as an investment choice in India; it also has a great deal of religious significance. Mangalsutra is said to have developed in South India and spread throughout the world.

This temple jewellery haram is a Gold Replica South Indian Temple Long Haram which has Lakshmi montiff perched on a lotus and accompanied on both sides by a beautiful peacock. The bottom layers feature gleaming ruby and calming green stones, with ruby and greenstone hangings underneath them. Peacock montiff and golden pearls are joined together on the chain. Have an adjustable thread to accommodate different length preferences. Earring is the same style as Haaram and adds a touch of grace to the face.

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